Monday, May 23, 2011

One Bag of Spinach = Walnut and Spinach Pesto & Spinach and Coconut Soup

As I was walking through the vegetable aisle, I spotted spinach.  Green, vibrant looking leaves were so attractive that I couldn’t just walk away. I had to buy it. 

And I did.

Usually I use spinach fresh in different kind of salads and very rarely cook it but this time I had something different in my mind. Actually I thought about two things.

One is pesto. Walnut and spinach pesto to be exact.  Spinach pesto is nice alternative to basil as it has milder taste and is as delicious as basil pesto.

With plenty spinach left I could only think about one thing to do with them. And that’s to make a soup.  Very simple but very soul warming soup.

That day our souls definitely were warmed and happy : )

Spinach and Coconut Soup

Prep time:  15 min
Total time: 40 min
Serves 4


25 g butter
1 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 large potato, cut in chunks
500 ml vegetable stock
400 g fresh spinach
250 ml coconut milk
Chilli flakes and black pepper to taste


In a large saucepan melt butter then add onion and cook for 5 minutes. Add garlic and continue to cook for another minute.

Add vegetable stock and potato to the saucepan, cover with lid and bring it to a boil. Reduce heat and continue to cook for 10 minutes or until potato is cooked.

Add spinach and cook for 2 minutes or until wilted.

Transfer soup into the blender and blend thoroughly. Return to the saucepan and add coconut milk, chilli flakes and black pepper. Bring to a gentle simmer then turn heat off.

Serve with fresh bread.

Walnut and Spinach Pesto

Prep time: 10 min
Total time: 10 min
Makes 1 cup


300 g fresh spinach leaves
50 g parsley, chopped
1 garlic clove
80 g walnuts
Salt and black pepper to taste
3-4 tbs olive oil


Put first 5 ingredients into the blender or food processor and blend thoroughly.

Slowly pour in oil to the mixture with machine still running.

Keep pesto in a fridge in a sealed container or jar, just don’t forget to top with more oil.


  1. Looks delicious! I have to try both :)

  2. Beautiful photography and styling.... Glad to stumble upon your blog...:)
    Makes me wanna try some recipes...:)

  3. Two awesome ways to use one of my favorite veggies. Beautiful soup & pesto sauce.

  4. Wow.. spinach and coconut soup, a combination I would never have thought about :-)

  5. At first, I thought I would have to try the spinach soup first if I was there. Then I started thinking about all the ways that I could enjoy the pesto. Now I understand why you made both.

  6. Two awesome ways to use one of my favourite veggies. Beautiful soup & pesto sauce.

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  8. Looks delicious! Glad to stumble upon your blog...:) I have to try both :)

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